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Lessons in courage

Beyond sex abuse

Raped after moving to Canada at 14, Leticia expected Western-world justice, but her Ghanaian mother dealt with the problem the traditional way


Mixing and matching, to mom’s chagrin

Intermarriage is rising and it just may be the acid test for modern multiculturalism


Journey into journalism

Malawian journalism students discuss human rights, constitution in their first JHR human rights workshop


Voices from the classroom 

Profiles on three young human rights journalists in Malawi


Daycare staff get low pay, no respect

A major international study last year ranked Canada at the bottom of a list of 14 industrialized nations when it comes to spending on early childhood education.—daycare-staff-get-low-pay-no-respect\

More girls fighting with fists

Criminal charges against violent teen girls have more than doubled in 20 years as assaults earn respect and admiration within cliques


Stories from our ‘hoods

12 young people reject `youth at risk’ labels to create and act in a dub/rap play about their lives, thanks to a challenging summer program

Celebrating her own way

Young black woman couldn’t identify with drag queens and buff guys singing `YMCA’ 

Girl power: three inspiring immigrant women

Three inspiring stories. Three inspiring women. For International Women’s Day Canadian Immigrant profiles three remarkable women to watch


Young women in love with gangsters

`Ride or die chicks’ are prepared to do anything to show dedication to their gangster boyfriends




Interactive Media

Sojourner Truth- Aint I a woman?—Malawian students

A Youtube video capturing my gender workshops in Malawi with my female journalism students!


Photo Essay: A day with a media trainer

A photo essay capturing my jhr human rights/media workshops in Malawi !


Words from students

"Hi Simona, hope you are okay. You probably you don’t remember me. I am  Vanessa, I used to be your student in Malawi. I was the one whom you helped write that article in the Daily Times concerning the woman who lost her property. I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I have just finished my diploma and am about to do my research project. Thanks for being a great teacher. Hope you visit Malawi again.

- Vanessa Mdala,

"Hie! hie! Simona!


Seriously I miss you already. You’ve been a good friend to me and your name will still be on my heart and I do not see any reason why I should stop mentioning your name to my family members. I really like you as my teacher, friend and sister. I will never ever forget you. I will miss your beautiful smile and warm welcome that made me want to come to class. I will miss you a million times over and hope to see you one day again.


-Cindy Mchema 

Discovering success at MIJ


"Archibald Kasakura, a 30-year-old diploma student at MIJ, shares the impact Siad had on his journalism skills. “Before she came onto the scene, I didn’t know how to write features,”Kasakura recalls, “Simona made me what I am today.”

When Kasakura first started writing, he relied on Siad for about 70 percent of his work. “Initially, I thought she was being so hard on me, but now I know it was part of the growing process,” he says. But these days, Kasakura works independently at producing high-quality stories on a regular basis.

“I used to see human rights as something that doesn’t apply to Malawians, but now I see the importance of them,” he states. “[Simona] has opened my eyes.”’